Constant Click

Constant Click was my first proper business that I launched in the early 2000s before Internet marketing became a mature industry.

My firm reaped the rewards of being among the first movers in the niche. In 2006, Constant Click was independently ranked by Website Magazine as a top 50 agency in the USA, which led to partnerships with Fortune 1000 clients, such as Domino’s Pizza.

Eventually, I realized I wanted to make a difference, so I decided to use my knowledge of technology to make the world a better place. Constant Click was wound down to focus purely on wholly-owned digital acquisitions in 2014.

Today it is a holding company that I am using to buy and sell digital assets while largely focusing also on my non-profit projects.

At the moment, I am working on our next acquisition; a privacy giant with 60 million free users and six figures in recurring annual revenue. The deal is currently pending.